Biggest Event of the Year- Diwali Celebration on 16th Nov 2019 (Saturday) at Moline High School

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Greetings and best wishes to the Indian Community of Quad Cities. We the Indian community of Quad Cities have shown outstanding abilities in professional, academic, social, cultural and political circles and are fortunate to be surrounded by personnel with vision and special talents. We share the common bonds of ethnicity, language, culture and tradition. As an ever changing community, in a fast paced world with technological advances and a constant need to regroup, there is a need to re-define our roles and positions, while at the same time retain our core values and rich heritage. This committee is looking for helping that course as well as seeks help and inputs from you, our stakeholders! As we venture into our efforts for the year, we are identifying common interests that will continue to build a stronger foundation for the community and also the GenNext, with a good focus on our cultural roots. We like to take the opportunity to to appreciate the community contributions, endeavor and outstanding qualities of individuals, institutions/businesses that have been supporting FIAQC (Friends of India Association, Quad Cities) activities over the past several years and expect your continued support in our efforts too. Let us come together to make a stronger FIAQC and be responsive and agile in our attempts towards achieving community needs! Your valuable feedback/suggestions for betterment of our community are welcome at Contact Us and you can also Become a Member.

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